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Photo based estimating (PBE) is a great alternative when attempting to determine the severity of the claim.  Penn Del offers this service at a reduced rate compared to field inspections. This process has proved to drastically reduce rental cost and storage fees compared to a traditional inspection.  All virtual claims are completed by one of our licensed field appraisers within 8 business hours of receiving the photos. Our company has serviced this geographic market for over 50 years. We have long term relationships and firsthand knowledge of all repair facilities and salvage yards in our area, unlike the larger companies.  Below is the process for PBE.

  • Client will complete and submit assignment 

  • Penn Del will reach out to Insured/Claimant and send them our PBE APP to their SMART PHONE.

  • Insured/Claimant will then follow specific directions which will in turn send us back their photos for review.

  • At that time we will review photos and determine if a Field inspection is needed.  If so, we will reach out to the assigned Adjuster to advise and discuss converting this over to a traditional field inspection.

  • If it is determined that a field inspection is required,  the cost of the PBE will offset a traditional inspection (YOU WILL NOT BE BILLED IN ADDITION TOO)

  • Supplemental inspection following a PBE claim will also be handled in the same manner.  If after receiving photos from choice shop we determine a Reinspection is needed we will again reach out to the adjuster on how to move forward.

For more information regarding Virtual claims please call (302)-324-8220 or email us at

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